Worked with Jonathan to buy a home

I admit I am not easy to work with. Jonathan is a professional, easy to talk to, and always looking out for the buyers best interest. I remember looking at almost 20 or more different properties and one night at 11pm I seen the one I wanted! I texted Jonathan to check his email this is the one! He  was always good at responding to me moments later no matter what time of day or night. Again I am not easy to work with so I commend him on his efforts of doing everything in his power to help get me into a home. The dream house turned out to be a nightmare with a rare title issue that was discovered later called Ibanez, so we had to back out of the deal but Jonathan assured me he would continue to work diligently to get me into a home. We are still on the hunt, but all in all Jonathan is a great realtor. I recommend!

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